Dynamically loaded CC enables a CC store

Compared to the other tech I have invented, dynamically loadable CC is really not much to compare. However, the convenience and speeding up of the development cycle makes it worthwhile mentioning. It also enables creating a CC store where users pay some small fee to be able to download the CC, which would be needed to run a node. Not sure if this is really any large market today, but over the years, it could indeed become a decent source of revenues.

CC are custom consensus logic that is linked into the coin daemon. It can just be a set of files that are linked in statically, or it can be put into a dynamically loaded library. using the -ac_cclib=<name> parameter when loading the blockchain, it makes sure the libcc library file has a matching name.

If it does, it will use the CC that are inside.

Really, thats all it is. This allows to recompile just the libcc and not the entire komodod. I think there are some tricky makefile issues to solve to allow the libcc to be the only dynamically linked library across unix, osx and windows.

I find that experimenting with CC via libcc is quite fast and can iterate from compile, link, test in a few minutes. With full dynamic library support, it can be compile, test, maybe down to a minute.