The Problem with Atomic CSS
Adam Silver

I’ve been giving a thought on semantic like bootstrap is more like OOP inheritance which we’ll often override styling and this apply to a few developers/freelancers who often need to deal and inexperience in changing CSS, that’s applied to me when working on Bootstrap 3 and 4, skeleton CSS, flexbox, bespoke CSS and so many others, it become a fatigue. I’m started to think how to handle the changes in effective ways until ITCSS and Atomic seem to solve what I wanted.

Atomic CSS is similar toSwift’s Protocol Object Programming (what it looks like) approach, it’s often easier to read brevity syntax like a Periodic Table or Musical Notation. My opinion that it’s not as noisy to read with lot of slashes and we prefer comments on every component or block during development to describe that even inexperienced developers will learnt up to speed rather than using BEM style and strip them out prior to production.

In short, Atomic CSS can work if we know how to manage at the simplest level. In engineering and science, almost everyone need a reference. Just Do It.

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