And there is this moment that I hold onto so vividly, and replay in my head over and over. I was sitting down with my chest propped up by my arms, to a slight angle behind me, while you were leaning over me bridging opposite sides with only your arm. Your torso, supported by that very bridge, remained straddled in air directly above my legs leaving you perfectly centered, situated at eye level. And you stayed there for some time as we exchanged words for, but among those words, at different instances we were both able to utter “I love you.” Now, what stands out is that I can not recall your lips moving when you said it, because it was as if your voice had escaped you and become part of the ambient environment. Thus allowing it to not only be heard, not only be felt but to be experienced. An experience that was punctuated with the sentiment that could only be expressed telepathically, one that was delivered with your eyes and sealed with the softness of your kiss. An experience that I can only recall.

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