Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophilia conflation

Where I see apples and oranges, the State says all fruit is the same.

James Leroy Wilson

During the Obamacare debates of nearly a decade ago, one of the main issues was whether insurance companies should cover preexisting conditions. Whether or not this was a good idea, my peeve was that this isn’t “insurance,” it’s the opposite.

After all, insurance is about coverage for something that might happen in the future; preexisting conditions is about, well, something that has happened in the past. What was really being promoted was forced charity on insurance companies. The twisting of language seemed deliberate to confuse us all. Compensation of doctors and hospitals was conflated with health insurance, making it more difficult to understand what needed to be fixed or reformed.

Conflation of distinct ideas has a long and terrible history. Politicians conflate vices (self-harm) and crimes (deliberate external harm) to increase their power. In some conservative Christian sects, all sins are equally repugnant to God. The sin of taking short cuts on compliance paperwork nobody reviews is the same as pounding a table in anger which is the same a serial rape which is the same as genocide. In the eyes of some psychopaths, this theology gives them permission to do grave evil if they repent afterwards.

In the eyes of other believers, however, obedience to The State is conflated with obedience to God. Upright citizens who wouldn’t do evil for their own benefit will kill or brutalize others if ordered to do so.

Such conflation of two different concepts leads to mental confusion of sometimes ridiculous proportions. I’m thinking of “pedophilia.”

As I write, it’s been nearly 5 weeks since the announcement of Tracy Twyman’s death by hanging, and a few days since Jeffrey Epstein’s. Because it’s suspected that Twyman was investigating child sex trafficking and its use in Satanic rituals, some suspect the two deaths are tied in some way.

But as I understand it, Twyman was looking into actual pedophilia: sexual abuse of prepubescent children. If this was used in Satanic rituals, I can only guess that its purpose was to break the ultimate taboo, and to exercise power for power’s sake. As it’s unlikely that all involved actually have the mental disorder to be sexually aroused by non-sexual small children, the pleasure would come from the sheer power and cruelty of the act and to get away with it because you can.

It doesn’t appear to me that Epstein was involved in that kind of evil. It seemed more likely that he was operating a “honeytrap” to blackmail prominent people at the behest of the CIA or other intelligence agency.

Yes, teenage girls were involved. Many of them minors. Probably younger than the age of consent. Probably sent across state or national boundaries — trafficked — illegally. Likely victims of rape and emotional abuse. But nevertheless were physically women and potentially sexually tempting to many men in a way that little children simply are not.

To call Epstein and people like him a “pedophile” seems to do a disservice both to his teenage victims and to small children who are molested by actual pedophiles. We don’t need to explain that attraction to a 15 year-old is not the same as attraction to a 5 year-old, do we?

Pedophilia and statutory rape of teenagers are apples and oranges. The State, however, prefers to say they’re the same because they involve sex and non-adults. But just as it does every other time it conflates two different concepts, the cause of justice is ill-served. The young adult who had sex with someone a year younger than the state’s age of consent shouldn’t be treated like Jerry Sandusky.

And sex-trafficking rings that involve small children, and those that involve teenagers, are probably run by different people.

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. If you find his articles informative or entertaining, your support through Paypal helps keep him going. Permission to reprint is granted with attribution.

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