Making sure the Republican Party dies

And the Democratic Party, too.

Both animals would be mortified if they knew who they stood for.

On New Year’s Eve, legendary Saturday Night Live performer Jane Curtin said her New Year’s Resolution is to “make sure the Republican Party dies.”

I don’t know if Ms. Curtin elaborated, or what political activism she’s done in the past. I’ll say it’s a worthy sentiment. I’ll also say that the Democratic Party is as much worthy of death as the GOP.

Think of the record of both Democratic and Republican administrations with bi-partisan Congressional support since the end of the Cold War: Numerous and often endless unprovoked wars (which they call “interventions”), economic sanctions on starving countries, indefinite detention without trial, invasions of privacy without search warrants, restrictions on the right to travel, the militarization of police, etc.

“But the other party is even worse” just won’t do. Both parties are a menace to the world and to the people of the United States. They have contempt for human life and human freedom. They deserve to die.

“But what would you replace them with?” Well, why should they be replaced?There is nothing in the system of government that depends on or legally requires political parties at all.

I’ll go further. The two parties are institutions. What are institutions, at their heart? Money-making operations. What do you call money-making operations that try to influence politics? Special interests. Anyone running for office who calls for getting rid of special interests in Washington must either be non-partisan or a hypocrite.

“But you must be realistic. You should vote, and only someone from one of these parties has a realistic chance of winning.” You are literally asking me to vote for someone who wants to conspire in mass murder.

That’s the scary hold politics has on the American soul. Nobody really expects you to be loyal to anything else. Let’s say that the church you grew up in, and which your family supported for generations, was found to have covered up rampant child sexual abuse for decades.

Who would criticize you for leaving that church?

But when both parties, in their own way, support several wars, threaten other countries, and impose economic sanctions on even more countries, it is your civic duty to support this system!

Even if they don’t die in 2019, one can resolve to say to both the Republican and Democratic Parties, “You are dead to me.”

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Support through Paypal is greatly appreciated.