The Border Wall and the TSA

Neither should exist, but Democrats don’t see that the same principle is at stake.

Most Americans today look back with regret at the Japanese-American Internment during World War II. No one today would blame Japanese-Americans who managed to evade it, even though they were “breaking the law.”

For a generation, however, politicians of a certain age who didn’t serve in Vietnam, or used powerful connections to get a safe military assignment, are called “draft dodgers.” Bill Clinton’s a draft-dodger to Republicans; G.W. Bush and Trump are draft-dodgers to Democrats.

But what could be a graver assault on one’s liberty, in an otherwise free society, than the military draft? Like the internment, it’s completely unconstitutional and a grave violation of human rights. At least the Japanese-Americans weren’t sent off to be killed.

Aah, but the draft wasn’t racist, you see. It wasn’t targeted toward a particular group. Somehow, if we’re “all in this together,” when evil is done unto us, it’s not evil.

That seems to be the policy of the Democratic party in a nutshell. When the issue is reproductive rights, they say a “woman has the right to her own body.” But that’s because of the biological difference make laws about abortion inherently sexist. Democrats otherwise despise the idea that women have the right to their own bodies, because they don’t believe anyone does.

Democrats want every other healthcare choice a woman (or anyone) may want to make to be hyper-regulated. They prevent women (and everyone else) from taking drugs of their choice; hell, they don’t even want women (and everyone else) to even be able to defend themselves from violence. That individual human beings are sovereign over their own bodies is lost on Democrats.

Keep in mind, the only reason — the ONLY reason — Democrats finally relented on marijuana and are now questioning the War on Drugs is because of racial disparities in prosecutions and incarcerations. I see little evidence they see anything wrong with prohibition pro se; they always call for bans of more and more products and services.

While Republicans are needlessly hostile to Iran for some weird religious pro-Israel/Book of Revelation nonsense, Democrats choose Russia as the nation they want to be America’s enemy! Why? Because they are white and from a Christian heritage. Therefore Democrats can pretend that their bigotry isn’t.

And that brings us to the border Wall, Trump’s obsession and the reason for the federal government’s partial shutdown. Democrats are right in opposing it, but do they even know why they’re right?

Democrats never had a problem with the TSA. Airlines, like your neighborhood tavern, should have the right to decide who and who doesn’t enter, and what they can bring in. That doesn’t violate anyone’s rights. For the federal government — The TSA — to make that determination is to directly attack the fundamental human right to travel. I refuse to believe there were ever “good intentions” in its creation.

And what is The Wall? A symbol that asserts the United States government has the power to restrict the human right travel into the country, a power unknown to the Constitution. I oppose the Wall, but I also oppose the TSA. Why don’t Democrats oppose the TSA? At least the Wall doesn’t illegally search you and seize your toothpaste while it infringes on your right to travel.

I suspect that Democrats don’t really oppose the Wall in principle. I bet if the big bad Russians lived south of the border, they’d have no problem with a wall because it wouldn’t be racist.

That’s what it always comes down to for Democrats. Trounce on everybody’s freedom and dignity, as long as you don’t discriminate.

To effectively oppose Trump, however, Democrats must think and do better. Countering Trump’s bigotry and sexism by calling him a bigot and a sexist isn’t the same as protecting human rights and freedoms.

They can start by opposing the Wall. And abolishing the TSA.

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Support through Paypal is greatly appreciated.