The Hitler excuse

In reality, regime-changers are as bad as racists, sexists, and homophobes.

The Military-Industrial Complex. Courtesy Creative Commons.

Evil can’t be scaled. One evil can’t be compared to another, because sadness isn’t measurable.

For example: a church board fires its pastor because of sexual misconduct, or a church board fires its pastor because of a disagreement about which contractor should pave the parking lot. Both situations are sad, but they’re sad in different ways. One points to personal problems, the other to personality conflicts. No outsider can really do anything about it.

Your child is bullied at school for being a “sissy.” Your sister was murdered for being trans-gendered. You find out your salary is thousands less than a male counterpart for doing essentially the same job. Your brother-in-law was shot by cops for the crime of driving while black.

All of that is terrible. I can’t downplay it.

I also can’t downplay when someone in another country is starved because of U.S. sanctions. Or murdered by drone strike for the “crime” of trying to survive under a dictator whose interests don’t jibe with American politicians. Just like women, minorities, and gays, these victims deserve a voice.

American politicians always have the Hitler Excuse. If a foreign leader has interests contrary to that of American politicians, we must have war. They’ll always shout, “Munich! 1938! Appeasement doesn’t work! Learn your history!” Many people, even hundreds of thousands, must die because this dictator is a threat to the world. Except the dictators never are that. We lost the Vietnam War, but we’re not speaking Vietnamese. We’re not speaking Iraqi.

We don’t know the people U.S. foreign policy kills. The victims are abstractions, so we miss the scale of evil and often downplay it. Many of us who wring our hands over the death penalty, as we should, have no qualms about blockading another country and causing poverty and premature deaths.

And that is the worst thing about it. Americans who vote for overseas murders view foreigners as sub-human. They believe if you were born in a foreign country, you’re guilty of the crime of being born in a foreign country and deserve the misery the U.S. brings.

Every politician, from Bernie Sanders to Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump to Lindsey Graham, has no regard for the suffering of people who don’t vote.They don’t care.

Take that in. They don’t care. And they only care about women, gays, and minorities who will vote for them. But they have no compassion. They have no soul. If they did, they’d be anti-war. And they’re not.

Anyone who promotes wars or trade sanctions abroad are normally called imperialists. But then we’re told, No, no, imperialists try to profit from their conquests, and America has never profited from its overseas conquests.

Ok, if you put it that way. I’ll put it this way: any American who promotes regime change in a foreign country, that is, who wants to victimize foreign populations, is at least as bad as those who are racist, sexist, and homophobic toward their neighbors.

A regime-changer’s version of a happy life entails that other people suffer. And as long as you believe that, I can’t be on your side.

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Support through Paypal is greatly appreciated.