TSA Agents should go on strike

Ground the USA until they get paid

I have a friend who worked at a poorly-managed business. One time, payroll wasn’t processed by the scheduled payday. The next business day, my friend went to his office, checked messages, grabbed a couple of things from his desk, and then headed toward the exit. Coworkers asked if he was working. He said, “Not until I’m paid.”

No one with any sense of justice would disagree with what my friend did. He upheld his part of the bargain: he worked. He wasn’t going to work again until his employer upheld his part of the bargain. And when he did get paid, he went back to work.

Now, imagine if he was required by the government to continue working, without knowing when, if ever, his pay would come. What kind of dystopian society would tolerate such a thing?

Well, that’s what’s happening during the Shutdown. The federal government isn’t paying its workers, but President Trump has ordered security-related employees to work anyway. That includes TSA agents.

Yesterday I wrote that the TSA should be abolished. Its sole purpose is to violate Constitutional and human rights. But there’s more to it. At its core, the TSA is the product of socialist ideology. It monopolizes a “good,” transportation security, that privately-owned carriers could, should, and would provide on their own without the TSA’s existence, and in fact did provide prior to the TSA’s creation.

But I don’t assume most TSA agents took the job with the intention to oppress us. I think they’re looking to put food on the table and think they’re doing something good and necessary. And I certainly don’t expect them to work without getting paid.

Nobody should expect that from anybody, in any job, ever. I’d be leery of anyone who disagrees.

In fact, I wish the TSA agents didn’t work. I know many are calling out sick, but the point must be driven home: working without getting paid is unacceptable. It is the most just cause for going on strike. It’s not as if the strikers will be lose paychecks; they already are.

Imagine one massive “call out sick” day that grounds the entire commercial airline industry. Yes, millions will be inconvenienced in countless ways. But their anger shouldn’t be directed at the TSA agents, but at the Congress and President who refuses to pay them.

And if they are angry at the agents, they should ask themselves, “Would I work if I don’t know when I’ll ever get paid?”

The TSA agents would be in the right. And by holding a significant portion of the economy hostage, they could force Congress and the President to act to end the Shutdown. More than anyone else in this political fight, they have the leverage.

Of course, there are risks. A strike that grounds all airlines would make people realize, “We had shutdowns before the TSA was created, and the planes still flew!” So maybe a strike will lead to the TSA’s demise.

In any case, the laborer deserves to be paid. If you’re not paid, don’t work.

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Support through Paypal is greatly appreciated.