What if both parties supported Pedophile Priests?

Imagine a world where both the Republican and Democratic Parties supported, or at least went along with:

  1. Legalized spousal rape.
  2. A ban on interracial marriages.
  3. Exemption from prosecution for pedophile members of the clergy.

Would you vote for either party?

If you said No, you were told, “Yes, the party is bad on those issues, but on issues 4, 5, and 6 the Democrats are far better than the Republicans (or vise versa). The Third Party candidate has no chance to win; you must vote for the Democrat (or Republican) if there will be any progress on issues 4, 5, and 6.”

And then you told, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain!”

Now let’s simplify it. Let’s say the Democrats and Republicans do not agree on all three issues. Let’s say they support just one of them. Let’s say, for instance, they both only agreed to protecting Pedophile Priests.

You are told that “It’s just one issue!” and “Stop being petty and petulant!”

But what could they say that can persuade you these parties are not evil at their core? What could they do to persuade you that they are trustworthy, that American governmental institutions are fixable under their leadership?

Now let’s return from this imaginary world to our real world. Despite overheated rhetoric in some quarters, that imaginary world will not become reality. What we have instead is Democratic and Republican Parties that support, or at least go along with, these three things:

  1. Non-defensive wars, which include virtually all U.S. wars post-Independence, whether Constitutionally declared or not
  2. Surveillance of U.S. residents without search warrants, a privacy invasion used to blackmail us or frighten us away from contact with potentially “subversive” people or websites. In other words, an attack freedom of thought and expression.
  3. Indefinite detention of American citizens without trials, the despotic power to make people “disappear.”

Are any of these evils to be overlooked? What could you say about issues 4, 5, or 6 that would persuade me your favorite major party is not evil at its core?

I checked the websites of Democratic challengers to my incumbent Republican Representative and Senator. They had nothing about war and foreign policy. Nothing about surveillance reform. Nothing about indefinite detention.

If, in our imaginary world, they stayed silent on spousal rape, the interracial marriage ban, and clergy pedophilia, I would assume their silence is support.

In our real world, they do support war. And warrantless surveillance. And indefinite detention.

I don’t need to explain why these are wrong, any more than I need to explain that rape, an interracial marriage ban, or pedophilia is wrong.

If I wouldn’t vote for misogynists, rapists, or pedophiles, why would I vote for mass murderers, Orewllian peeping Toms, or kidnappers?

James Leroy Wilson writes from Nebraska. He is the author of Ron Paul is a Nut (And So am I). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Support through Paypal is greatly appreciated.