Camping and Climbing in the Outback

I first met Adam Burton in 2006 when he came to work as an instructor at Mersea Outdoors. We hit it off straight away and in many ways I think we are ‘kindred spirits.’ He was keen to learn outdoor skills and get into the mountains. We went on quite a few trips together and I was pleased to teach him to climb. He went on to be come a very fit and able climber and has certainly surpassed me. Being now based in Adelaide he has discovered many of the local and not so local climbing venues so I was please when he suggested we do a remote climb in the outback.

Adam had packed his truck with everything we would need and after a long drive and a final bumpy section off road we found a camping spot.

As we set up out tents Adam told me to make sure the tent was always zipped up in case spiders or other unpleasant creatures decided to share my living space 😳

The climbing area we were heading for is known as Moonarie and there is a decent guide book for the routes which are all about 5 pitches. The following morning we headed out there and after about an hour of walking and scrambling we found ourselves at the bottom of the routes. It was very hot in the sun and we didn’t fancy being exposed to the heat for too long. Thankfully we found a route that was in shade. I hadn’t climbed much in the last year so I was happy for Adam to lead all five pitches. It took about 4 hrs. It was a great climb with lovely views. Although I climbed in my rock shoes I had taken my brace and walk no boots in a rucksack in case we had to walk off but we found some abseil anchors which made getting down much easier, albeit a bit scary. Most climbers dislike abseiling 😟

A successful and tiring day was nicely finished off with a lovely meal, before getting an early night, ready for the next days adventures. Thanks Adam 👍

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