Black Mirror Blog Review Ep. 1: NOSEDIVE

Black Mirror is a Netflix television series that highlights the future and the possible technology that comes along with it. These new technologies can be viewed as the new pop culture phenomenon that everyone is into at the moment. However, the theme of each episode focuses on the bad side of that technology. For this blog, I will be reviewing the first episode.

The first season opens with an episode called NOSEDIVE. The theme behind this episode is social media being the center of everyone’s life. People rate people on a scale from one star to five stars using an app and your rating controls your entire life. For instance, the higher your rating, the easier it is to get a job or get a plane ticket.

Our main character is trapped within the hype of this rating app. Her life slowly starts to revolve around the app and getting her rating up in order to be able to afford a new home where the higher rated people live. This new app is what the episode is highlighting as pop culture. The app starts to take over her life and just as she things begin to look up, everything comes crashing down. A string of unfortunate events leads to her lashing out at people who immediately start to drop her rating. The piled up stress and anger inside of her leads to her lashing out at people and this only makes things worse.

The Black Mirror episode, NOSEDIVE, can really open the eyes of people who change their life according to what the new big thing is. The app is a form of negative pop culture that we all need to be aware of the good and bad side of pop culture.

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