Gratitude; its the best way to start the day. When we awaken we can start with that breath as our eyes open and see the ceiling , as we stretch and slowly swing out of bed. As we stand and feel the floor with our foot, our toes all the way to the heal. The slow walk to the bathroom to empty ourselves , wash and see our face , then the idea a cup of coffee would be the ingredient to continue to wake up even more as we place the coffee into the bin , we add the water turn the pot on , then that amazing aroma that leads us back to pour a cup , take a sip and smile . we sit and pray for direction for the day . We hear the birds begin to sing in the dark as dusk begins .We see faith in action from them , that they know the sun will rise and soon shine as the day has begun . For every moment I’m alive I’m grateful , every daily task I’m grateful , the smell of coffee I’m grateful , the taste , the time I reflect and talk with God , I’m grateful , the faith the birds have , the lesson they teach me , I’m grateful . As the sun rises His will is my plan , I’m grateful . Gratitude that powerful positive energy , the gift that is , so powerful it can override any negative emotion. It can make a sad person happy , a happy person ecstatic . I’ve never had a bad day when I start my day with gratitude , a free gift that keeps my boat in the flow with life. I’m ready to go out the door , I’m happy to be alive , I’m grateful for another day.

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