What a hard few months financially , we have gone through and we did what we always do , pray , meditate, and patiently wait for Him , and yesterday He did what He always does . Grace flooded our lives , it was so powerful and it fit like a glove on a cold winter morning . Faith is becoming patient , allowing God to make the best possible demonstration for the situation we created in our lives. Its so hard to do , to wait on Him for the answer , we think when things are going really bad and we have to fix it the way we think is right. Once we saw how He delivered on a matter we turned over to Him and we waited impatiently yet we waited . Sure enough He showed up and produced an outcome so much better than we could have ever imagied get done. Slowly we have turn more and more over to Him , everytime He shows up powerfully exactly what was needed to help us through each problem , ordeal etc . So it happened again yesterday the stakes to us were higher to Him I dont think he even see’s them large or small , He just shows and Fix’s the situation we placed ourselves in. I’m so grateful to be on this side of the dirt and have a real relationship with God , who only gives advice when asked . Today I ask a lot not so much for me , for this world and the living who occupy it. It works it really does , try it , what do you have to lose?

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