How to arrange a she taxi service for a long ride?

Long tour is always thrilled and enjoyable for everyone. Few year back also, Touring in long trip is possible for men’s in India. Because it’s not safe for ladies to do long tour or even ride without anyone help. But today, women’s also ready to complete long ride or they decide to visit anywhere in Kerala. Because the Kerala government launched a brand new project it’s called “she taxi “only for women’s. Mainly Kerala women’s are really struggling to go anywhere within alone. Not only in Kerala, are many of the country women also struggling to search in their cities. The Kerala government she taxi is extremely good project and now you’ll get the she taxi service any place in Kerala like airport, railway station etc.
The 24 hours availability of she taxi service is absolutely helpful for women’s to travel from the night journey. You can get an android app to download and you will book the she taxi service from the application from your mobile. And the toll free range also available for she taxi and you will use the facility at any moment. After huge success of the she taxi service, Kerala government is going to launch the she bus service also in Kerala. Many of the women’s are visiting support the she taxi assistance project and its will helpful for them to find a good job far too. Traveling a long ride in she taxi is usually a safe and she taxi give you a comfort journey for women’s travelers.

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