How women can access she taxi in kochi

The actual advent of the most sought-after 24x7 Females Only Traveling Taxi System ‘24x7 she Taxi’ in Kerala will probably account to important societal transformations depending on safety and stability of women population. The ‘24x7 she Taxi Service’ traveler cab as well as enhancing the security and safety aspects concerning women will introduce an impressive and first-of-its kind initiative in the Country’s Employment Business model strategized and produced for empowerment of women in the State. This 24x7 sheTaxi initiative is definitely an unconventional and groundbreaking initiative made to bring about major transformations by empowering the ladies strata in the particular society. This distinctive entrepreneurship powered model also aims to create about social and also economic empowerment regarding women, at big. 24x7 She Taxi can be a comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution made and developed to enhance safety of women of all ages using enhanced security and safety technology based alternatives.
 Furthermore, this state-of-the-art technological approach along with developmental strategy will probably ensure a ecological, responsible, accountable and practical transport system by upholding this excellent unconventional business along with revenue models. She taxis is going to be equipped with several safety features both technology and also general, such as Security Alert Switches for Drivers close to the seat, Passenger Safety Alert Switches for the back side, Drivers safety systems on the mobile phone, Security alert receivers along with control stations, GPS UNIT based tracking system, controlling Over swiftness, rash driving, unexpected brake, sudden switch, remote engine away from, theft protection, she Facts for traveler’s for example. A 24/7 Command Room to keep an eye on and manage this specific and emergency signals etc from automobile or the passenger is scheduled up.

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