Washington Post Already Claiming Russiagate Is Still Valid Even If Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker
Caitlin Johnstone

The Pizzagate Images Never, Ever Discussed by the “Fake News” Media

The irony of the mainstream media’s relentless campaign to brand “Pizzagate” as “fake news” is that it only serves to raise suspicions. Anyone with an Internet connection can see the images and emails for themselves, and see the glaring omissions from the media’s representation of the affair.
But first, just what is Pizzagate? Here the mainstream media gives itself away even further by seeming to coordinate on false talking points. Pizzagate, the mighty Wurlitzers of the media reiterate, is nothing more than an incorrigible gaggle of conspiracy theorists who believe that a child sex-slave ring is being run out of the basement of a Washington DC pizza shop.
Nevermind that this has never been the contention. Nor that this is preposterous.
The communications and exchanges between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, his brother Tony, and their circle of friends are far more ominous than this outlandish idea. These are the communications linked to Wikileaks’ publication of the Podesta emails last October.
It turns out that this circle of friends has a penchant for sexually-loaded images of children, even infants. One photograph sent around by James Alefantis, the owner of the Washington DC pizza shop at the center of attention, is of an infant with the caption: “Why does daddy like butt?” and “#whatwhatinthebutt.”
Instagram social media post from James Alefantis’ “jimmycomet” account

That is one Pizzagate image you will never, ever see, along with many others, in the Washington Post, USA Today, or the New York Times.
Alefantis has been named by GQ as one of the “50 Most Powerful People in Washington.” If you ask how a pizza shop owner becomes one of the 50 most powerful people in DC, so have many others. It turns out he is no ordinary shop owner, but the former long-time partner of David Brock, of Media Matters, a hotwire straight into the heart of the Democratic Party establishment. ... READ MORE IF YOU DARE HERE: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@munkle/the-pizzagate-images-never-ever-discussed-by-the-fake-news-media

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