Budget meets flagship, with a catch

We’ve tried a lot of Oppo phones at Gloss, and the usual notes still stand.

At the asking price of $379, AX5’s value for money is pretty obvious. It features a huge 4230mAh battery, which Oppo says translates to “14 hours of video playback and 14 hours of gaming”, but of course, this all depends on your own usage.

A Blast

I’ve had doubts about the sound and quality potential of a smaller Bluetooth speaker like the Ultimate Ears Blast.

But with a sleek, compact, and loud design, the simple Bluetooth speaker satisfied a bunch of my needs. At the price and with the category in mind, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Creating a serverless project on AWS using Lambda, API Gateway and RDS can be simple at first but as your project progresses, management of code, libraries, deployment and testing can become tedious.

For example, say you have multiple lambda functions each sharing libraries and helper code. How could we manage all this without maintaining seperate code bases for each function and uploading these functions to Lambda in a .zip file every time we went to update or test it?

Let’s base the tutorial off a simple project, an API that can list and create different types of ice cream having…

The best feature in JavaScript has finally come natively to Node.JS, the greatest of them all — Async / Await. With the addition of Async / Await in the latest release of Google Chrome and it’s V8 engine it is now been standardised in the latest release of Node.JS 7.10.0 which is great news for JavaScript and Node Developers.

But what exactly is Async Await?

Don’t worry, I can explain. To make some sense of it, we will go through the typical example of “I have to make two calls to an API but the second query will rely on the first query’s results”. …

I was first sceptical about Firebase, but after using it in action it seems like Firebase may be able to speed up conventional mobile and web app development — by a lot!

In a traditional mobile or web app development when you’re building something other than a text editor, chances are you will be using the MVC model: grabbing data from your server (or someone else's) and displaying it on your view. You also may have to put some sort of authentication on this data being retrieved, requiring an initial login and further access privileges for certain users.

This can…

Chris Southcott’s Location data on Apple’s “Find My Friends”, not creepy at all!

In an attempt to explore Apple’s Find My Friends API, I was led to monitor the network requests coming from my iPhone 6s and actually finding some rather interesting responses.

For this guide I have used the Charles app for Mac OSX and my iPhone 6s, although this guide and the Charles app could be applied to any other OS and hardware.


Step 1: Download

Download a copy at https://www.charlesproxy.com/download/ and install on your machine. Note, this app is $50 USD (includes 4 licences) but is free on a trail for 30 days.

Upon first run, you will start to…

James Marino

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