How Analytics & Reporting Help in Carving Marketing Strategies?

James Church
Aug 5, 2016 · 2 min read

Why data analytics is linked to future success?

Killer strategies to run ahead of curve underlie an excellent analysis. Nothing tastes sweeter than the taste of success. But it does not come without valuable strategies.

Trends or fashions don’t rise automatically. Instead, they take birth from the analysis. Thereby, the manufacturers and producers identify what the customers want indeed. Its biggest example is technology companies. They are in the win-win situation just because of big data analysis. It unveiled the fact that confirms the existence of explosive number of smartphone and gadget lovers.

What is data analysis?

In general terms, systematic application of logical and statistical techniques on data is data analysis. The analysis aims at revealing insight, illustrating operations, condensing and evaluating the conclusion. Eventually, the analyst develops business intelligence.

But the intelligence requires innovative strategies first to capitalize on them. For it, the analyst takes charge. He picks up data from primary, secondary and other sources for analytical processing. His hard work ensures synthesis of the complex big data.

What are the different kinds of data?

Data is of variant sizes. Byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, exabyte, zettabyte and yottabyte indicate particular data-size. These data units are arrayed in terms of their sizes (from smaller to bigger).

Almost every business today is banking on data. Big enterprises & data outsourcing companies credit thanks to Apache Hadoop and Cloudera as they gave them the big data analytics framework.

Many users search for the similar framework but for smaller data. For them, structured files in CRM and excel files are available. But unstructured file formats are also prevalent for stockpiling different sets of various patterns. These can be blogs, pdf, images, graphics, and so on.

Analytics and reporting services India, USA, and other countries derive outstanding business strategies. Finally, they contribute in transforming global business.

How analytics help in deriving marketing strategies?

Analytics and reports help in sketching sales and growth strategies. Telemetry technology captures demography and ethnography of local customers. Various companies derive informative data sets about customers’ behaviour, likings and disliking through their buying tendencies.

The companies store the foretold data as an input for crafting marketing strategies. How to bait the customers; how to retain the loyal ones; what to launch for inviting potential customers; at what price the product/service should be launched and many more ideas for business get resolved through them. Even, some producers and manufacturers get set ready for facilitating bespoke or tailored solutions.

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