Basechain now supports payments in the top 100 ERC20 tokens by market cap — including the 6 top ERC20-based stablecoins pictured above.


In CryptoZombies Season 2, you will learn to build your own mod/fork of our mobile card game Zombie Battleground — and immediately deploy it to an audience of thousands of players 🤯

For those of you who are new here…

We’ve Been Hyper-focused on Blockchain Games at Loom Network — Here’s Why



Before we dive in, let’s start with a little background…

The demand for a TCG/CCG like Zombie Battleground that runs on the blockchain has been overwhelming — almost too hard to keep up with.


The World’s FIRST Collectible Card Game to Run on the Blockchain Is Now Open For Crowdfunding

Designed by Loom Network’s veteran team of game designers — Zombie Battleground, the first collectible card game that runs entirely on the blockchain is NOW CROWDFUNDING ON KICKSTARTER!


James Martin Duffy

Entrepreneur turned investor. Writer, musician, adventurer, student of the world.

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