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It’s been a while since our last roadmap update (Q4 2018 — Q1 2019), and a lot has happened in the meantime.

So it’s time for another update.

Let’s start by recapping some of our most important milestones since then:

  • We added 15 external DPoS validators to Basechain (and continue to add more validators each month).
  • We enabled staking of LOOM tokens in February, and in the first two months our users have staked 149,363,113 tokens, representing over 20% of the circulating supply and $10,000,000+ USD in value.
  • We launched the Loom Marketplace on Basechain, a DEX for blockchain-based game items, with Relentless cards trading as the first use case (11,493+ cards have been listed for sale, and 7,911+ trades executed, despite the game only being in Beta). …

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Before we start, I know…

This post is bound to ruffle a few feathers 😜

Most of you reading this probably have one preferred blockchain of choice, and likely think that the other two chains in this list are run by a bunch of [idiots/scammers/insert-your-pejorative-of-choice].

That’s totally fine. I’m not going to try to change your mind.

But what I hope to do by the end of this article is convince you that linking these chains together is a development that not only was inevitable — a natural evolution of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole — but also one that will massively benefit the developers and end users of all three chains.

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Basechain now supports payments in the top 100 ERC20 tokens by market cap — including the 6 top ERC20-based stablecoins pictured above.


A few days ago, we announced a cross-promotion between Binance and Zombie Battleground that included a $10,000 BNB giveaway.

This promotion required adding some additional functionality to Loom Basechain, where the Zombie Battleground card pack purchase contract lives:

  1. The ability to deposit BNB tokens from Ethereum mainnet to Basechain, and withdraw them back to mainnet;
  2. The ability to accept BNB as a currency for payments on Layer 2; and
  3. Most importantly, the whole experience had to feel seamless to a user who only has an Ethereum account and has never interacted with Basechain before — i.e. users should be able to check out with only a MetaMask account, and the experience should feel as silky smooth as if they were interacting with any normal Ethereum smart contract. …


James Martin Duffy

Co-founder at Loom Network. Building scalable blockchains for large-scale online games and social apps 🚀Creators of 🧟‍

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