faculty must remember that they are not activists; they are educators, and their job is to furnish their students with the intellectual tools necessary to make their own decisions, arguments, and conclusions.
The Academic Ideologies that are Dividing America
Alice Vitiello, Ph.D.

But they don’t see themselves as activists. They see themselves a priests in what Pirsig called the Church of Reason. This is dogma to them. They preach Salvation from the Original Sin. They may appear laid back, but they are zealots. Heretics and blasphemers will be punished.

And what is the Original Sin? Western Civilization, of course. Capitalism, democracy, masculinity, industry, Christianity, and the heterosexuality that continues to reproduce such people. They are True Believers. The Heart that ruled the Reign of Terror still resides within them and if they had a chance, they would purge the world of such infidels.

Cut the human population by about 3/4s (roughly the totality of all theistic religions) and have one big hippie commune with the entire planet all to themselves. That way the “Earth could heal”…and they wouldn’t have the pesky concepts of sin and responsibility to get in the way. Ah, Paradise.

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