Dear White People, “Racism” is not a verb
Efosa S. Omorogbe

Dear Black people

Do you know what “racism” means today?

Definition of racism
1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principlesb : a political or social system founded on racism
3: racial prejudice or discrimination

This is the is the definition that is found in Oxford dictionary. Guess what? It’s still the definition and it will never change. Why should it? There will always be people who feel this way about other races. There is no such thing as “reverse racism”. There is only racism. Anyone can be a racist. Every race has racists in them so therefore racists are represented in every race of people.

There is no longer any systemic racism, although there are definitely racists in every system. So-called systemic racism was manufactured to move the goal posts, well actually to REMOVE the goal posts. You see, racists can be punished when they step over the line. If there is enough punishment, racist actions can be controlled and limited. But with so-called systemic racism, there is no objective standard. There is actually no standard to measure it to at all.

That way race baiters can never be out of a job! So-called systemic racism was also created to gain political power. If there were systemic racism then the government would have to be involved. And really, that’s the whole point of manufacturing so-called systemic racism; to gain power. Of course, little of that power will actually go to you. It will go to them.

One of the worst things about so-called systemic racism is that it gives Black people full license to hate other races, especially White and Asian ones, by telling them that they cannot be racist. Since racism is NOT a system, but a belief this is obviously not true. Black people can be racists like anyone else can. In fact, because of the falsehood of so-called systemic racism, more and more of them are becoming racists and no one calls them on it.

The word, “nigger”, is derived from the Latin word, niger. The word “Negro” is derived from Spanish.

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A few of the proper terms you are looking for in that context, which can be universally used, are stated below:

- You are being racist

- Stop being a racist.

- That is racism

In the past, institutions and governments formed quotas and Affirmative action to not only combat racism, but to lift Black people up once the boot of Jim Crow was removed from their necks.

This was 50 years ago. Although some form of quotas may be necessary for the next 50 years, since the survivors of Jim Crow are gradually dying off, the quotas of old needn’t be so extreme.

Unfortunately, there are assholes in this world. This is because there is so much variance in human nature and behavior. Not all assholes are racists, but we all no all racists are assholes. Not only that, but the level of racism and assholery varies depending on the person, place, time and situation. The level of asshole and racist behaviors are magnified by level of alcohol intake and financial income. Please see examples of asshole racist in the pictures above and below. The frat boy will probably sober up and mature. Kanye will always be Kanye. Think about it.

Unfortunately, since we live in self-segregated cultures, White people tend to know very few Black people outside the work environment. Most of us learn about Black behaviors based on the gangster personae of entertainment and statistical analysis of criminal behavior. This is unfortunate. I wish our peoples co-mingled more easily because Black folks rock.

Racism is a hateful belief that exists in all races of people. Racists may or may not be ignorant. Some are very intelligent and well educated. Because of this they are far more racist than they are apparent assholes. There is no so-called systemic racism today. It mostly an attempt to keep from looking hard at the failures of Black people’s self-segregated sub-culture. There is on so-called “privilege”. There are advantages, everyone has them, no matter the race and they vary depending on place time and situation. THERE IS NO SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION. There is individual racism that can be quite extensive. There is poverty too and the poor of all races suffer.

Racism exists today because it is an unfortunate part of human nature. It exists and poisons every race and every culture. We can keep it at bay as long as we try to keep our side of the road clean and encourage the other to do the same.