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I was listening to Heavy Metal, Punk, and the blues, from Ozzy, to the Dead Milkmen, to Stevie Ray Vaughn. I was being harassed (what we now call “profiled”) by the cops because I rode a motorcycle. I was reading anything from Allen Bloom’s The closing of the American Mind to Persig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I goofed on conservatives and read Bloom County.

I washed out of engineering school and became a Sailor. I spent more time at sea than on land, but spent 1/4 of my enlistment in school. I sailed all over the Pacific Rim. I drank heavily. I got in to fights. I walked the streets of third world countries where people ate dogs and burned their garbage in the street without it even being in barrels. I had liberty in sweltering heat, where the white ash of Mt Pinatubo made the clear cut jungle look like a ski resort.

I was on the USS Independence during Operation Desert Shield. I was issued 2 pam chloride, atropine and a brand spanking new gas mask. The ship, about the size of a skyscraper laying on it’s side, was being pushed across the ocean in excess of 40 mph as it’s bow bash into groundswells up to 30 ft high.

The bow would BOOOSH into the wave as the G forces made sailors inside very, very heavy, and then very, very light. The waves tore life rafts off the catwalk, 64 ft above the water as the ship pitched and rolled. The forward port sponson was torn almost completely off the ship. We were rushing as fast as possible, so fast the ocean stripped parts off my ship, into what very well could have been chemical warfare and a horrifying death.

I returned to college realizing that I was blessed to be born in the greatest country in the world. I watched the Left that I was always a proud member of move from liberalism and populism, to declaring war on the very things that I finally learned to appreciate. Gone were the goals to fix what was wrong, spread love and unity and strive for the Ideals of Jefferson, Reagan, Kennedy and King.

The goal became to scrub the world of Westernism with the tools of Political Correctness and the induction of Shame of All That is White;. To Brown it out globally with political correctness and the unfettered invasion of settlers who have no intention to become citizens or to assimilate. I watch the Left drive wedges and foment hate where we used to strive for love, peace and community. I watch the left attack the family, fatherhood, the military, and even gender.

I watch them persistently try to force the religious into the very same closet that sexual minorities have fought so hard to get out of. The Left became instigators of a slow-motion riot, as everything was attacked, viciously torn down, and rebuilt to something far different than our Founders dreamed of.

I watched my people, whom I used to hate, become the stereotypes of the ones they hate; more poor, having kids out of wedlock, addicted to drugs, and dependent on the government. I watched the GOP pay lip service to the pro-life movement while blocking any funding for contraception. I watched the GOP and DNC both intentionally hollow out the middle class, one to transfer wealth to the elite, the other to ensure a growing pool of poor people who will give them more power, while giving none of that power to the people.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, for he is an asshole and bully with no discipline or self-control. I would never vote for him, but I know damn well why people did. They are not deplorable, as that bitch called them. They are desperate people that were duped by a con man. They, like so-called progressives don’t even realize that the West has already fallen and is nothing more than a mirage.