You did not state the second half of Hillary’s statement (or I missed it). She said it was permitted to abort a fetus up to the moment before birth because the State does not grant the rights due a human being until after birth.
You did not state the second half of Hillary’s statement (or I missed it).
Rick Fischer

I’ve been saying this for years. Roe v. Baby supposedly uses the “due process” clause of the 14th amendment to support abortion, when actually they are using the “citizenship” clause.

The citizenship clause was written as a response to the Dredd Scott decision to grant governmental protection of human rights to freed slaves. They were born here. They could not return to the land of their ancestors very easily back then. There was no place for them to go and frankly the earned the right to be here.

So abortion becomes this grim and grizzly version of border control. If the mother hires a hitman to kill the baby before he or she can cross the border, then the baby has no rights. The only thing that really separates abortion from homicide or murder is location. One can argue about sentience and stages of development all he or she wants, but if the baby is dead before birth, he or she is not protected by the Bill of Rights.

I’t’s ironic that the 14th amendment was used as justification because Roe v. Baby is the Dredd Scott of our time. The killing of humans in utero is the only status quo that the Left wants to protect. If only left and right would truly admit what is really at stake, then more aggressive measures could be made to limit the “need” for abortion to begin with.