How would you argue that truth that you found, considering that there are other people who’d argue…
Rafael Cases

How would you argue that truth that you found, considering that there are other people who’d argue that life begins at birth?

Other people are simply wrong. I did not “find” this truth. I was taught it from grade school, to high school, to college and then grad school. Life begins at conception, that’s a simple scientific fact that anyone with a science degree, hell any kid in middle school will tell you. But strangely enough, once we reach reproductive age, we find it easier and easier to deny science.

Until now, there are political implications, considering that until now, the biobags with in-vitro fertilization, and the production of sperm cells from female stem cells or creation of egg cells from male stem cells cannot compete with good old pregnancy?

I haven’t read anything about “bio bags”. The only bio bags I know about are bio-degradable bags and bio-hazard bags. IVF has been around for quite sometime, but all it is is conception in a lab vs the womb. Once zygotes are produced, he or she is alive, individual and fully human.

I would assume cloning gametes would be easier than cloning other cells simply because they have half the chromosomes, but I could be wrong. Either way, spermatazoa and eggs are not individual human lives. Cloning actual zygotes is another thing all together. Morally and ethically, we have never in history had to face this. I would assume that they would be considered much the same as an identical twin of the original, only the twin is at the blastocystic stages of human development instead of adult or childhood.

Although abortion is the intentional killing of an individual human life, it can also be scene as a symptom of a inadequate system. Abortion is the result of inadequate contraception. The fact that women are still putting their feet into stirrups and having their own living young torn apart and the remains sucked out of their womb now, in the 21st century, is disgusting and barbaric.

Abortion is a status quo that should never have been the status quo to begin with. Row v Wade should have been a stop gap measure until modern science became more powerful enough to make them exceedingly rare . Although some form of abortion will always be necessary, the fact that it is still happening around a million times in the US alone is abusive to women. So-called modern abortion has been going on for about almost 75 years. We should have better and more varied contraceptive options with fewer side effects for both men and women. Why are we giving women so few choices and then telling them that it’s the right thing to do?

Unfortunately, as a society, it’s easier and cheaper to just send the mothers to the mills and kill babies. This has been going on for generations. In subtle and distinct ways, making our young disposable and our women’s thighs bloody for the past 50 years has done incredible amounts of damage to the American psyche.

Take this as a test of an idea instead of an attack.

It’s all good, I don’t see it as an attack.

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