Exactly. Or ‘almost exactly’ if that is not an oxymoron.
John Hopkins

Scientifically speaking, abortion is the intentional killing of an individual human life in utero. This is a scientific fact. No one in science will deny this. This is far more of a certainty than many of the present projects liberals focus on today. It is far more certain than anthropologically caused climate change, people being born homosexual or trans, or the silly premise that race is not based on physical, biological, genetic, and anthropological characteristics.

Life has certain mandatory characteristics. Here are a few:

Is it organic? (carbon and h2o based)
Does it have an intact and compete genome from a recognized species? 
Does it have a cell wall composed of a semi-permeable membrane?

Is it a product of its own kind and will produce like kind? 
Does it consume energy to maintain homeostasis and to promote grown?

Technically, viruses are not alive. In they have no cell wall and are quite inert when left alone and will degrade quickly. But all of these characteristics are present once conception is finalized and a zygote emerges. From a scientific stand point, we are just as alive and just as human when we are a zygote as we are at any other stage of development. Once conception takes place, we have a living individual member of the human race. This is not my opinion. This is the original “Inconvenient Truth”.