You sir have my respect, more than I can ever say.
Rebecca Lemke

Thank you, ma’am. If you read much of my stuff, you will find that I’m not very PC, but since I’m a nurse, I’m all about protecting patients. Even though I’m not what people call feminist today, I still want to truly empower girls and women.

In healthcare, we see so many people in both similar and unique situations that it becomes routine. It’s so easy to forget that each and every visit to the office is an impactful event to that patient. When I was teaching RN students, I started teaching my students not to be “that guy.” When we go to visit family at home or have family get togethers, and we talk about someones health, family always talk about “that guy” that treated them wrong.

Now that I’m teaching med students and PA students, I continue to do it. Aunt Kelly may have had overall excellent care the entire time she deteriorated and died from Alzheimer's disease, but the entire family will remember the one nurse that had an attitude, or the doctor that wouldn’t listen. Some seethe in anger and deep hatred over “that guy”.

“That guy” made a horrible impact on your life. The people that have been “That Guy” may have had momentary lapses or may have been truly been a jerk down to the bone. Either way, I hope you can find ways to forgive them. I say ways, because some times certain people have to be forgiven many, many times throughout one’s life.

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