That was until I came across a disturbing article that he wrote for Esquire back in 2006, which he disgustingly titled: The Manifesto of Ascendancy For The Modern American Nigger.
The Disturbing Facts About Screenwriter John Ridley That Disappoint Me
Ezinne Ukoha

Thank you so much for providing the link. I don’t like the word, “nigger” any more than anyone else here does. Still it was a brilliant essay. It will be a classic for many reasons.

One the best reasons should be because we get a good incite into what many Black people who ascended above the victimhood mantra have always thought. This was written prior to the decent of the US into “Identity”.

Unfortunately, the people elected Barack Obama as president who instead of being the “post racial” president we wanted and needed him to be, stuck with his community organizer roots. Under his leadership, Identity Politics was honed to a keen edge and has been used to cut the country into pieces.

That being said, Ridley must have a beef with Black women. Black women, their loyalty, resilience and keen sense of the the over all picture, have been the unsung heroines of the Civil Rights Movement long enough. Washing them out of this movie seems intentional.

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