Repug Voters: Fuck your Feelings
Abel Cohen

That’s quite an addiction you got there. You don’t even know you’re addicted, do you? Well, you are. You are addicted to the dopamine rush that comes with outrage and hate. You’re essay was the verbal equivalent of snorting a line. You are really quite sad, actually.

It’s our pride that does it. We want to feel superior. We think we ARE superior, even though we are just like everyone else. So, we use the cruel and stupid to define an entire group of people that are different than us or have a differing opinion. We tell ourselves and people like us, “Ah! See how bad they are?”

Well, actually, I can’t say “we” any more, because I quit the drug many years ago, but I can still identify with you. According to your writing, you have become the very thing you hate; a bigot and a hypocrite.