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Irene Brooks

I have every right to be angry.
Anger, in and of itself, is not a negative or positive emotion.
It is what we do with our anger that can be positive or negative.
I will not be violent or hateful because of my anger.

This is very true, especially the last part. I’ve found that in order for people to sustain that anger, sooner or later everyone resorts to hatred. They justify that hatred with good, old fashioned hypocrisy.

“I’m not a bigot, they are!”

“I don’t judge people, they do!” 
“I don’t hate, they do!”

No one is more susceptible to hatred than the ones who believe they are passionately fighting against it. They start to feel self-righteous, and then pride takes over from there.

Though I can understand why many are losing control and lashing back.
I see and understand both perspectives:
One perspective is: If they go low we go high…and…Two wrongs don’t make a right…and…You cannot fight hate with hate or ignorance with ignorance.
All those things are undisputed wisdom and truth.
The other perspective is not explained so easily with trite expressions…

So, which are they, undisputed wisdom and truth, or “trite expressions”?

The other perspective is: How much abuse must we take before we must fight back in order to survive. This is not condoning violence…but it is acknowledging that if you keep letting someone punch you in the gut over and over and over and you don’t fight back…you will eventually die from the injuries.

How are you being abused? Provide examples and references. What injuries have you sustained? If you make these accusations, you must provide evidence.

How much verbal abuse must someone endure before it is deemed right and just for them to seek to stop the tongue(s) of their oppressor(s)?

Who is oppressing you? How is that they say considered injurious? We have a right to say anything, we do not have a right to actually hurt someone. Words do not harm anyone.

No one, of sound mind, wants to be a victim of endless abuse. At some point the abused have to make a decision:
They will either learn to live with, and cope with, and continue to take the abuse so that they may eventually die of it…

“endless abuse”? “eventually die from it”? Please tell me, what sort of abuse is this? How is it endless? How is it deadly?

…Or they will realize that sometimes you must forceful and strike back…you must protect yourself from those who seek to harm you.
Abusers never see their victims until the victims hold up a mirror.
Abusers never hear their victims until they speak out.
Abusers never feel the pain they inflict until the pain is directed back at them.

Again, please provide references that prove that “they” are actively seeking to do you harm? Not some fringe neoNazi idiots. With both know they are powerless.

In trying to determine when violence as defense is justified.

In order to justify violence, you have to prove that abuse exists and you have to quantify it. You are not doing that.

But what happens when no matter how much they try to avoid it they cannot escape it. What happens when the abuser intentionally and purposefully seeks to continually cause the victim physical, and even worse, psychological harm…and the victim cannot get away.

Who is this abuser? Please provide names.

If one is told repeatedly that they are worthless.
Over and over and over

I’m sure there are individual people who do such things, but groups? I don’t think so. You actually told you are worthless every single day? You are being abused every day? By Republicans? Have you ever thought that you might be just a little bit melodramatic?

And deep down…they know their abuser is wrong.
They know they are just as worthy as anyone else.
They know that ALL ARE WORTHY
They mentally fight the abusers insults until they are exhausted…
Until they cannot take it anymore
Until, in order for their spirit to survive…they seek to stop the abuse by any means necessary.
When the victim…at their wits end…uses violence to stop the abuse
Does that make the victim a abuser too?
Or does that make them a survivalist?

My father-in-law was a civil rights activist in the early 1960’s. He’s a graduate of Friendship Junior College and sat at lunch counter protests with the Friendship 9. He was spat upon. Physically assaulted. His friends were jailed and some of them were even murdered simply for being civil rights activists. The mental abuse was far more extensive. They didn’t resort to violence. Not once.

By comparison, your life is ridiculously easy. He really was abused. You are not abused. Seriously. Grow the heck up. There is racism out there. It would should always be fought, but resorting to violence? It’s completely uncalled for.

Is not systematic bigotry being forced upon society via a justice system that has been corrupted by those who use that corruption to gain more and more power($$$)…a form of psychological abuse at a societal scale?

There are racists in the system, but there is no such thing as “systemic racism”.

How long is humanity foolishly supposed to turn a blind eye and ear to those abusers in hopes that those abusers will take it upon themselves to change their ways for the better?

As long as it takes. Up until about 8 years ago, racism was dying out. Whites did not become racist because of a Black presidency, hell they voted for him. Whites are starting to turn back to racism because of the racist politics of the DNC.

Abusers rarely change their ways…unless there is risk of punishment.
Would abusers continue to abuse if their actions brought them personal punishment?

You do not take the step to vigilantism for racial injustices. Trust me. White racists are far better armed and some of them are cops too.

We should not, as a humane and civil society, be forcing long abused segments of our population to endure more of the unwarranted and constant mental, as well as physical abuse, of bigotry because of the apathy and ignorance of too many in our population to their suffering.

At least 50% of the hardships of Black society is self-induced. I’m being extremely generous with that, for the culpability is far greater than that. Just like the failures of poor White Southerners and White Appalachian people, these failures and dysfunctions are no one’s fault but their own. Change the culture and almost all of it goes away.

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