Dear White Writers, “White Supremacy” is Not a Label and You Don’t Have a Clue How White You Are…
Ezinne Ukoha

White supremacy is a “newslur”. It used to signify real jerks who lived on the fringes. Many of them were Nazis, prisoners and other people who let hate transform from an emotion to a way of living. There are very few of them. The rest of us White people tetest them just as much as other races. We may not see them as an immediate danger to us personally, but we damn well see them as a danger to the country. White Supremacy = Dylan Roof.

But then a Critical Race Theorist (AKA a Black racist academic) changed the definition to define ALL white people. Of course other Black racists loved it and started using it too. I mean, lets face it. It’s FUN to call people we hate names. And if we are racists against White people, it must be even more fun the malign an entire race of people by equating them with the evil son of a bitch that shot people in the head as they prayed.

White supremacy, like other intersectional “progressive” labels such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, etc are all “newslurs”. They are used to dehumanize, devalue, insult, and “put them in their place”. And let’s face it. All slurs are hate speech.

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