I have never been in the army, but I come from a long line of soldiers — father, grandfather…
Svetlana Voreskova

Yes, ma’am. One must also understand the differences between a country being invaded like Russia was, and projecting power overseas. When invaded, my “FOB or ship as village” metaphor isn’t as applicable because they enemy is already inside the village. I would assume there is a marked difference in the social mindset when driving out invaders on our home turf vs. the jungles of South America, the Philippines or even uninhabited parts of Alaska, all of which could be potential war zones in the future.

I have no doubt that there are thousands of women and gay men that could out fight me and are far braver. When considering the military, one has to think in general and not individual strengths. Men can carry more, endure more pain, have greater strength, their arteries are buried deeper, everything about our general design is made to fight. That means women are not structurally equipped for war. We all know that.

The point I was making in my essay was one that I have yet to see anyone bring up. Love, sexual attraction, and natural mating instincts are all the same in each of us. Homosexuals have different sexual practices, but they love the same, just a deeply, and just as completely. Where they can sort of keep an eye on heterosexuals and bust them if they start something, it’s much harder when it’s same-sex coupling.

I suspect that the severity of PTSD in survivors who see their mate die in war must be off the chart. That would mean that two are taken out of the fight. Then one would need to understand how it would rock the morale of the entire unit. My best friends son committed suicide 6 months ago and it shooke me to the core, and they live 5,000 miles away. When I think about how much worse it would be if he and his wife were serving with me and one of them died. My ability to fight would be markedly compromised. It would be like a PSTD splatter,where everyone is doused in the stuff to a lot more of an extent than if it were simply an “army buddy”.

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