I think the main question these studies pose for me, Roger, is can these voters be won back while the Democratic Party continues to advocate on behalf of minority groups?
I think the main question these studies pose for me, Roger, is can these voters be won back while…
Michael Baharaeen

You are seeing racial responses to racial policies and thinking they are racist responses when it’s much more complicated than that.

There’s a distinct difference between advocating for racial minority groups and the intentional “browning out” of the US (breaking White hegemony) by blatantly supporting the massive invasion of illegal aliens. For any thinking person this is obviously what has been happening.

Intersectionality has refined the definition of the enemy into 4 characteristics: White, male, Christian, and male. It’s pretty much in that order of importance too. These are the characteristics of the West. These are the characteristics of imperialists. These are the characteristics of the “oppressor”. Radicals were thinking this in the 1960’s. Mainstream leftist are thinking it now.

“Whiteness” must be conquered and controlled first. Controlling the other characteristics will come later. Since Black folks have aborted themselves out of the running, the Left embraced the invasion in it’s attempt to out number whitey. One can see this quite clearly in the financial stagnation of Black folks under Obama. They could have turned their backs on the invasion and focused on helping Blacks, but they weren’t producing the offspring fast enough. So, they make Black folks the “side bitch” and went after illegal aliens.

Democrats are losing White male Christian heterosexual voters because more and more are waking up and realizing that the Democrats declared war on them decades ago. The lefts animosity towards all things White, male, Christian and heterosexual became rabid under Obama’s term. Don’t believe me? Read the headlines and comment sections of any liberal website.

Michael Savage (whom I can’t stand) makes a very salient point when he says that, “with out a common language, border or heritage you have no country.” The invasion strikes at the heart of all of those things. There are a lot of nuances within what I’ve written, but the answer is simple:

1) Enforce immigration law instead of “reforming” it.

2) Stop pitting every identity group against White heterosexual Christian males.

The Left does these things and they might prevent a civil war, but I’m betting they won’t.