On dating men with “potential”

During my turbulent youth (the 60’s, an abusive step father, the draft board breathing down my neck, college, poverty, etc., etc.) I got married. We had known each other for five years after meeting in college. I received a draft notice after college, went to Vietnam, and returned physically unscathed but I was “drifting” and lonely.

My girlfriend had serious reservations about marriage. Nobody thought it would work. Her parents tried to talk her out of it. On a wild hare, we eloped one weekend. We didn’t want a wedding because we were too embarrassed to invite anyone and didn’t want any witnesses to our poor judgment. Afterwards, she confided that she thought being married would be fun for a while because she liked me and I was interesting, but she had never planned to stay married and thought I would never amount to anything.

I got a night job, bought a small house, and wanted to have a family but she wasn’t ready for children. Guess I should have discussed that with her before we got married. Lol. I told her I wanted to go into healthcare to become a better provider. She tried to discourage me because she couldn’t see me being successful at anything and thought I would fail. After all, I was a “lovable loser.”

I went ahead anyway. I succeeded because I considered myself to be a “guy with potential.” We met 49 years ago and we’re still married. We’ve raised three successful sons (a surgeon, an electrical engineer, and a teacher). Some men do have “potential” and sometimes it pays to just roll the dice. ;)

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