5 Interesting Things Everyone Should Know About Cigars

There are chances that like the majority of people you are not familiar with cigars. One can’t be an expert over night, but there is not harm in keeping a little knowledge.

Let us learn some interesting stuff about cigars.

How are cigars made?

A good quality cigar contains two things — long filler and hand rolling. It means that the major components of cigars — the wrapper leaf, binder, the outside cover are put together by hand. A premium quality cigar comes with a long filler piece. On the contrary, a machine made cigar’s inside come out in little bits and scraps when opened.

Long filler is the backbone of a cigar where different leaves from different countries as well as different positions of the tobacco plant are assembled. They are arranged in a fashion so that the cigar may burn evenly. The cigar burns too hot if the filler is thin and as such, it can’t be enjoyed.

Are countries and flavours related?

There are many stereotypes regarding countries and flavours, like the strongest tobacco come from the Cuba and Nicaragua. However, they are only combined to create different flavours and has nothing to do with the quality. Your purchase decision should not be based on countries, especially if you are buying cigars online at free shipping.

If you are trying it for the first time

In such case, it is advisable to start off with something light. Don’t try your hand out on something big. Half-corona is perfect to give a taste to your palate. Initially, stay on the milder level and feel the taste. From here, you can start.

Proper way to cut cigar

Use a scissor-style tool (guillotine). The end ring of the cigar is a cap. The wrapper leaf is one whole piece running to the end. The cap holds that leaf on. Cutting below the lines means cutting everything that is putting cigar together. Only cut the tip off the top.

Lighting a cigar

The best way to light a cigar is to burn the end rotating it. It is called toasting, i.e. evenly burning the ends. It also keeps the smoke cooler, making it easier for you to have a pleasant smoking experience.

Hope, you like this short information about cigars. If you feel like trying a cigar and want to gain some more information, you can take help of a tobacconist.