Top 5 Cyber Security Challenges Companies Are Facing Worldwide

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Security and threats go hand in hand. Today, many tech companies boast to offer impeccable security solutions to help companies cope with any cyber security challenge. However, you cannot overlook the way cybercrime has climbed to the second most reported economic crime impacting 32% of organisations as reported in Global Economic Crime Survey by PwC.

It is a fact that global economy depends upon the crucial data and information carried through digital space. Therefore, protecting this critical information has become the top priority of organizations not only for the global economy, but also for their business.

However, establishing a cyber security is an ongoing process that needs constant monitoring. Therefore, in a majority of organizations, IT departments, and cyber security providers are striving hard to keep their networks and data secure to make it almost unbreakable.

These post further talks about the 5 top cyber security challenges companies are facing worldwide. Read on!

Rising Threats & Lack of Awareness

Online hacktivists are constantly upgrading their skills as with the advancement in technology. They proactively try to find chinks in your security system to steal your crucial data. As reported on Forbes, cyber-crime costs are expected to reach $2 trillion by 2019. Further, various small and mid-level organizations are not aware of threats and attacks, so they never bother looking at their cyber security system.

Emergency Response Team

The problem is, various organizations do not have any emergency response team and such situation arises when they consider a less experienced solution providers. Therefore, it is better to go with a cybersecurity provider that provides a proactive emergency response team for responding to a potential breach.

Lack of Visibility & Control

Both visibility and control are crucial to ensure the protection of vital data against any kind of threats and attacks. Many tech companies do not provide this feature in their cyber security solution. Consequently, a majority of enterprises do not have an efficient cyber solution or the power to monitor and control their network.

Standardization & Compliance

Compliance refers that you are conducting your business within legal parameters and it enhances the security level and makes you credible in the market. Various organizations implement see it as an opportunity to separate their business from the others. It is true that government in different countries have introduced various regulations to enforce better levels of protection for civilians’ data and to promote transparency when breaches occur. However, for small organizations having limited security experience see compliance as an additional overhead and nothing else.

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Final Words

The points mentioned above explain the challenges organizations are facing worldwide, and the only solution to these challenges is to make efforts to improve cyber security systems. For this, you can approach reliable cyber security providers.

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