My 2019 Technology Hacks to Improve my Quality of Life

It’s 2019, and I’ve been on technology for more than 25 years! I love it, but wow, I feel like it’s reached a saturation point in my life where I need to restore balance.

Basically, my 2019 goal is to feel focused and present, and I think anyone can see that technology does not easily help with that.

However, I’m not going to go back in the dark ages and throw my devices out the window. My livelihood depends on social interaction and productivity, so as a result, I’m constantly hacking my life in how I use technology effectively. I am testing out ideas, iterating on them, and building off of them.

Out in the eastern sierras of California, thinking about all the things to make 2019.. EPIC!

Below is a list of all the tech hacks I have currently implemented in my life. Some may sound ridiculous to you, some useful, but if you are into this as much as I am, feel free to borrow, question, and definitely share your own if you have some, I want to hear them!

Making it hard to surf

Uninstalled the browser on my mobile phone (new)

Time limit endless apps on my mobile phone (new)

Disable all “news” injections (1 year old)

  • Installed a Chrome Extension to prevent Facebook from showing news
  • Disabled news on Chrome browser when opening a new tab
  • Disabled “Google Now” on my phone
  • Installed a “launcher” to redo the UI of the phone to get rid of even more news references
  • Intentionally disable all news injections on anything else

Logging out of endless websites (1 year old)

Blocking websites on my computer (2 years old)

Uninstalled any endless mobile apps that I just don’t really need at my fingertips (3 years old)

Pulling information instead of getting pushed information

Limiting chat to desktop (new)

Unsynced my email on my phone (new)

Facebook events without logging in (3 years old)

Never missing a message

Zero-inboxing my text messages (new)

Snoozing my zero-inbox messages that I can’t get to right now (1 year old)

Create my own filters (3 years old)

Disable Gmail Auto Categorization (4 years old)

Unsubscribe from all emails (8 years)

Zero-Inbox (10 years)

Connecting when I want to connect

Charging the phone not in my bedroom (2 years old)

Do not Disturb ( 4 years old)

So about being present and focused…

3-time units per day of only doing 1 thing.

Basically, the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. Food and fitness separate them, but each time unit has an opportunity to have a focus time of 3–4 hours. These units can be filled in with:

  • Project: Work related, club work, new business ideas, house projects, writing projects, new skills
  • Maintenance: Emails, cleaning, recovery
  • Social: Date nights, extended family time, friend hangouts, social groups, networking

My issue in 2018, is that too much time was spent on the maintenance category. When that happens, I feel like I’m floating and bobbing with life, instead of steering and directing it. In the tech world, we call it thrashing. My hope is to only have 1 maintenance units max per day, so the other 2 at minimum bring me the joy I’m looking for.

So that’s the plan for a more prosperous 2019! Better relationships, quality work, and a sharper focus!

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