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We have been expecting you…

As technology progresses and UX/UI becomes a business trend and growing strategy that is paying off big time. We have been working with tools that segment the process, and inhibit quick process or applied learning to repeated frameworks for rapid sprints and product owner empowerment toward “good UI”.

InVision has been working hard to bridge the gap of communication between design, users, product owners, stakeholders, and development. This has been lessened by their creation of Craft for Sketch, yet, we are still having to flip between various programs and itching for more and more interactive and visually animated prototypes and wireframes.

I am relieved to see that InVision Studio (seemingly) listened to the UX community and have dedicated a cross platform (HUGE WIN) web hosted solution. If we all take example of this and build our processes, flows, and select our systems like we would advise the devlopment of the coolest new mobile applicaion UX/UI as a process would improve.

For now we will have to revel in the snippets we get from InVision and anxiously await the launch in January 2018.

You can request early access here!

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