I Did NOT Call For An Alliance With White Nationalists, You Fucking Idiots
Caitlin Johnstone

At long last, this is the difference between an actual journalist and a “rogue” journalist, a responsible voice of the left and person whose lack of impulse control marks them as intellectually irresponsible. You’ve been writing incoherent drivel for a long time but this article lays bare the true depth of your incompetence as a “journalist”, rogue or otherwise. I do hope you’ll leave it up, though, because it provides a better retort to your writings than anyone else could ever craft. Any real journalist who called their readers “you fucking idiots” in an article would have a very short tenure indeed (for very good reason). I guess you should just be grateful that bits are cheap so you can continue to spew poorly constructed, badly argued screeds on Medium, but Medium will be your zenith as a writer. One suspects the nadir may include involuntary confinement and psychotherapeutic medications.

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