Everything is temporary

When I saw Outkast play a few years ago Andre 3000 was wearing a jumpsuit with the words “everything is temporary” printed across the chest. For some reason that phrase stuck in my head and it keeps coming back to me. Probably because it is true. Everything really is temporary. Pain and suffering. Joy and happiness. Human life. It’s all in a constant state of change.

It’s all just scenery we are passing by as we ride down the tracks of time in these little train cars that we call our lives. We can switch tracks as many times as we want but that won’t stop everything from moving past us at the same rapid rate. When we look out the window we can stress and worry and fret about what we see or we can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride and allow ourselves to marvel at the wonder of it all. Either way the tracks won’t run on forever. Those are temporary too.