Mind control

If you have been watching the Netflix series Stranger Things you know about the character pictured above. Her name is Eleven and she has the ability to control things with her mind. She throws bad guys up against the wall, flips over cars that are chasing her, makes a bully pee his pants, and saves her friend from certain death by making him fly. Eleven doesn’t need to lift a finger to make any of these things happen, but she concentrates so hard that she bleeds from her nose and her ears and then passes out.

Of course all of this is impossible in real life. Or is it? Our minds are a lot more powerful than we think, but most of us never use them to their full potential. We let our thoughts roam wild and take us to places filled with doubt and fear. We fail to reach our goals because we don’t exercise the required discipline. When bad things happen we succumb to our emotions and panic instead of focusing on finding solutions.

If we want to control things with our minds we are going to have to concentrate a lot harder. We are going to have to be a lot more like Eleven.