Working on your why

If you’re tired. If you can’t find motivation. If you don’t feel like you can make it through another day. If the daily grind is getting to you. If you can’t stomach the thought of another week, month, or year.

You better have a good reason why.

Your “why” is what will drive you to make it through these difficult times. It will give you the power and the energy to keep going. It will give meaning to otherwise meaningless tasks. It will provide you with the inspiration that you need to break through to the next level.

But only if you believe in it.

If you don’t believe in your “why” with everything inside of you it won’t do you much good. It will fall apart and crumble under the pressure that is inevitably going to seek you out. If you don’t believe in your “why” you will constantly look for other things to believe in. The problem is that believing in something new every day won’t get you anywhere.

Why are you getting out of bed every morning? Why are you commuting to the office? Why are you sitting down at your desk and doing the work?

It’s totally normal if the answers to these questions are not crystal clear for you right now. And if your goal is to be normal (i.e. average) then there’s nothing you need to worry about. However, if your goal is to be abnormal (i.e. above average) you need to work on finding your “why” and start thinking about answering these questions.

Here’s the funny part: Maybe the work you are already doing is the work that will lead you to your “why” (but only when you are ready to find and accept it).