Where to go in St Tropez

While Monaco is famed among the Riviera towns for its vibrant nightlife, St Tropez is no slouch when it comes to entertainment and nightlife, refined by decades of being the prime destination of legions of superyachts carrying the rich and famous. For the average tourist visiting St Tropez’s famous celebrity haunts, the prices may come as a shock, but the chance to meet your idol and dance away the night isn’t once that can be passed up. Here’s a list of bars, restaurants and nightclubs frequented by the superyacht jet-set.

Les Caves du Roy

The best known of St Tropez’s many nightclubs, the LCR has played host to George Clooney, Beyoncé and other wildly famous celebrities in its 40-year existence. Entry is free, but there is a dress code and anyone trying to come in drunk or badly dressed will be turned down. Drinks are, as you’d expect, hideously expensive with 28 Euros being the cheapest. Nevertheless, the unique atmosphere of this nightclub, the superb DJ and its A-List celebrity attendees give this place the #1 spot in St Tropez Nightlife.

VIP Room

If you arrive at the VIP Room expecting a rowdy club experience, you’ll be surprised to see how calm and relaxed the atmosphere is early in the night, operating as a classy restaurant. It’s only when it gets dark that the VIP room lives up to its reputation as one of the best nightclubs in the world. More subdued than the LCR in styling, the atmosphere is charged, almost electric on the dancefloor, the prices are still ridiculous, but getting in might be difficult on a busy night as its reputation precedes it.


The Papagayo has a seedier reputation than the other two in this triumvirate of St Tropez nightlife, but it’s also the cheaper and more accessible option compared to VIP Room and LCR. It’s also packed with celebrities from around the world: Antonio Banderas and P Diddy have been recent visitors to this fine establishment. The Papagayo is also home to a great restaurant with styling inspired by the glitz of 1940s Hollywood and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean and the harbour.

These three establishments are the undisputed kings of nightlife in St Tropez, the main stop along the Riviera for superyachts and celebrities. While they’re expensive and in VIP Room’s case exclusive, they’re where you’re going to get the best chance to meet celebrities and get to say that you’ve ‘really’ seen the best that St Tropez has to offer.