History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

The American Election Outcome Could Spark another Global Crisis

America is empire. It does not refer to itself as such, however, its military is everywhere in the world, unlike any other nation.
The current national election is, according to some media, getting closer to a tie. In the event that it is decided by razor-thin margins, it will be decided, nevertheless, by an electoral college. Will that college of political leaders allow a Trump to become President of the United States? I would hope not, however, if the popular vote is not that close and Trump wins by 5 million votes, like Obama did, they may have no choice but to install him. Or will they. It is obvious that Trump has little or no understanding of international relations (foreign policy), no understanding of the military or even the economy. So, it would be prudent for the electoral college to not follow public opinion. 
What if they do select Trump? Then, the leader of the free world will be a totally unprepared fool who is so self-centered he would immediately fail in his dealings with other nations. Our situation in the Middle East becomes untenable because of Trumps bromance with Putin and the diametrically opposed positions of the U.S. and Russia. And not only there but around the world. We could see an axis of evil form of which we are a part.
What if the Electoral college in the same scenario selects Clinton, despite a win by Trump in the popular election? What will his rabid supporters do? Those advocates of banning Muslims, opposing Black Lives Matter, supporting free reign for guns, and applauding the idea of assassinating Clinton. Will they roll over and play dead? Hardly. It would be the spark that could ignite a civil war or, at the least, an assassination. What would instability of the United States do to global markets and its foreign policy? Would it be an opportunity for those enemies of the U.S. policies to take sides and supply the rebellion?
If Mr. Stone is looking for a parallel to the assassination of the Austrian Arch Duke, he needs look no farther than Nov. 8, 2016.