Nature’s Healing Touch

A cool rush of wind flows over me as the sun sets in the amber sky. Dew drops glisten and dazzle as the final light pierces through. I watch the grass roll, almost like the waves of the sea, an emerald sea of life and beauty. I hear the creatures of the night beginning to sound their calls. The taste of rain still permeates the air. For a moment earth stands still, and this is my paradise. If a moment could be relived forever, it would be this one.

Even the thought of standing high on the mountains, gazing out on to the horizon, brings such a thrill to my heart. What I would give to be up there now, standing so high you swear you can see the earth’s curve. Nature offers so much tranquility and peace. The kind of peace that comes from slow breathing, and inhaling, and literally feeling in your blood, from the oxygen you’re breathing, the purity of where you stand. And breathing that back out and almost offering yourself to that which surrounds you.

In a world that continually distracts and detracts us from our spiritual welfare, it is of the utmost importance that one finds time to step back and find their eternal moments, in their eternal spaces. Where and what makes you feel? Real, raw, bring-a-tear-to-the-eye-for-joy feel? Find this space and connect with it. Nature is the natural remedy for spiritual unrest, and is the atmosphere that provides the serenity that cannot be found elsewhere.