Cosmetic Dentistry: Choosing Between Clear Aligners and Braces

Dental journals and online articles today are filled with tons of options for dental treatment. People no longer want to go for traditional treatments when it comes to dental care. That is one of the reasons why cosmetic dentistry has become so popular. It is because people want to try new things that will give them faster results and better effectiveness. One of the oldest know treatment in dentistry is braces. If you have rabbit teeth or front teeth that have grown outwards, then braces are the way to go. Nowadays, many people are now opting for clear aligners and are happy with the results.

What are clear aligners? And how are they different from braces? Clear aligners are basically clear braces, which are removable. They can be removed when the person is eating and can be put back again. They do not bend or cause any discomfort during eating the way traditional braces do. But there are certain pros and cons that need to be considered when going for either of the two options. The biggest disadvantage of traditional braces is that it catches on the flesh of the surface that it rubs against causing soreness and bleeding. Clear aligners do not do that. They are smooth and easy to remove and place. But today even traditional braces have become less bulky with smoother edges.

One of the major advantages of clear aligners is that they go virtually undetected because of their materials. This makes them a preferred option for young teenagers as it keeps their smile intact and at the same time does its work in tandem. Traditional braces on the other hand are not aesthetically appealing. But they win in terms if effectiveness. Even today many dentists suggest going for traditional braces if you can. Clear aligners cannot be effective if there is a huge gap that needs to be filled.

Another important benefit of clear aligners is that it will reduce your dental visits as opposed to frequent dental visits with traditional braces. But the duration for which you will have to wear these clear aligner is much longer as compared to traditional braces, which do the job quicker. While both clear aligners and traditional braces have their advantages and disadvantages, it is up to the patient to decide what is best for them. Also you can visit your dentist or refer few reviews where people have shared their experiences on the same and also understand how severe your problem is, and suggest the right treatment accordingly.

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