Importance of Oral Hygiene for Busy Moms

Being a working woman and a professional means leading a fast paced and busy life. Striking the right balance between things is not always possible and mostly you don’t have a lot of time on hand. At times we are so busy coping with this rush that we tend to ignore certain basic healthcare routines. This is especially true in terms of dental care. We think that brushing twice a day is enough, but is it really? It is imperative that you give as much importance to you and your child’s oral health as you give to the rest of your body. Dental clinics gives some dental tips for busy moms:

- Stay super hydrated at all times. The most basic rule for busy moms is to drink loads of water. Always keep a jug full at home with easy access. While traveling, carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

- It’s normal to get tired and want to skip a few small routine habits like brushing at night and go directly to bed. So keep a brush and toothpaste by the kitchen sink at all times. This way, once you’re done with all your chores, you can immediately brush right there. No need to walk all the way to the other sink.

- Always keep floss and travel toothbrush with you. You can use these in your office or any place that you have to go to. Keep one in your handbag and we assure that it will definitely come handy.

- Eat healthy snacks. Being on the go means, not much access to healthy food and you have to eat whatever you get outside. But you can make smarter choices. Try to eat at a healthy restaurant near your workplace. During snack breaks binge on fruits or sandwiches, avoid fried food.

- Rinse your mouth with a fluoride-based mouthwash every night before sleeping.

- If you are planning to have soda or sugary beverages, then do so with a straw. This will reduce the contact of the sugar with the teeth thus reducing the risk of teeth problems.

- Chew sugar free gum. The Xylitol in these gums will prevent the buildup of bacteria by pulling food particles out of the teeth. It also kills the bacteria in the mouth and stimulates the flow of saliva.

- Last but not the least, dental clinics states that mothers should not just follow but educate their children about the importance of good dental care and oral hygiene as well.

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