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…..if the tone-deaf, emotionally ignorant, myopic and institutionally narcissisized, legacy-OBSESSED Democrats had possessed even a SHRED of integrity OR intellectual honesty, they wouldn’t have EVER allowed Roberts to uphold an absolutely DESPICABLE individual mandate under SUCH an ASININE, unconstitutional application, and we might NOT now be facing the complete repeal of it - ALSO, a President Trump…..just to REMIND people of HOW damned much they hate it, the utter MORONS at HHS are including in their television spots this week a small-print reminder of the $675 MINIMUM 2017 penalty for refusing to underwrite a thoroughly TOXIC, hopelessly corrupted and self-serving approach to healthcare that is ANYthing BUT, ‘reformative’ — and ‘single-payer’ by itself, ISN’T a solution…..

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