How a Red Bowler Hat helped me rank for SEO Secrets

I have recently launched my new online marketing school Rocket Marketing Hub. I was looking for a guest blogger who would stand out, so I turned to Stuart Morrison of Mr Metric Fame. I was looking to create a crowd sourced post for SEO Secrets. The reason I wanted to use Stuart is for his very unique look.

The Red Bowler Hat that helped me rank for SEO Secrets

Stuart took the smart decision to stand out from the crowd when promoting his business. He wears an outrageous Red Hat that you still cannot ignore, what this did for my post was make it stand out.

At the time of writing this we have over 150 social shares for this one blog post. The content was good but we had other posts with much better content, the real reason was the bright Red Hat Stuart was wearing. It meant more people read the article than normal, and it also was much more interesting for them to share.

So if you are writing content then make sure you stand out from the crowd.

We now rank page 4 for “SEO Secrets” a rank that is rising every few days.

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