Screenshot from Chuggington website

Efficient Descriptions of Children’s Television Shows

Chuggington: Anthropomorphic trains run errands

Thomas and Friends: Anthropomorphic trains serve the Patriarchy

Dinotrux: Dinosaurs who are also trucks construct useful buildings

Daniel Tiger: A tiger sings repetitive songs about social norms

Tumble Leaf: A blue fox finds and utilizes items

Peg Plus Cat: A small girl does simple math

Fireman Sam: In the land of the cognitively impaired, an average man is king

Stinky and Dirty: Garbage can be useful

Puss In Boots: Thickly accented cat swordfights mythology

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs commute and learn trivia

Wild Kratts: Lady engineer makes animal suits for two brothers

Creative Galaxy: A young alien grinds out dismal craft projects

Color Crew: Crayons report each other to the crayon Gestapo

Super Why: Marginally superpowered kids have milquetoast “adventures”

Little Einsteins: Boys lead groups and play instruments; girls sing or dance around prettily

Shaun the Sheep: A young sheep embodies the dualistic savior/destroyer ideals of a trickster god

Wonder Pets: Just lisping animals

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