About drafting…

Life is a big spiral of drafts. Try and failure. It’s a common phrase to say «nothing is constant except change». I have been working for more than ten years now, and I’ve never lasted too long in just one place –never been fired thou, don’t get the wrong idea. Maybe it’s the times we live, maybe it’s my career, maybe it’s just me and the lifestyle I seek. My parents were (not anymore, hopefully) worried about me not having the stability they had when they were my age. I was worried too until I realized that scheme dind’t fit my goals.

Today, I can say I have found my way into something that really excites me: books and writing. But my path was built not on a safe land, but on a bunch of drafts: a pile of papers filled with scratches and blots. That’s how I learned to live. That’s how I learned to work. That is how I lost my fear of being rejected, of failure, and, of course, my fear to success (oh, yeah! I suffer that).

So, this draft –probably riddled with errors– is just another example of that «try and failure» philosophy. This is the first time I use this plataform. This is the first time I publish something in English. Maybe I’ll get one follower. Maybe a thousand. Perhaps I’ll get banned and condemned to the Hall Of Shame of the Internet. But, what the hell?! I believe it’s worth a try.

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